Project Manager

Get a project's overview from a global perspective for each small detail. Break-down complex tasks into smaller pieces.

Business Analyst

Collect project data, ideas, discussions, requirements, and scenarios. Spekfy helps to deeply understand your client's needs.


Quickly determine required tasks and estimate cost & time. Ground the price to client.


Cost & hours calculations

Cost & hours estimation for tasks, by milestones.

Ideas management

Collaborate together by brainstorming, facilitating discussions, and task generation.

File management

Store all files (sketches, wireframes, pictures & documents) in one place.



Collect the questions & answers about the project, requirements or tasks with team members or client stakeholders.


Using Zapier Spekfy can be connected with hundreds applications - Bitbucket, Slack, Trello, Zendesk and other.

Software Requirements Specification

Generate Software Requirements Specification right on the place!


Project Artifacts

All your project files stored in one place. There will be no more confusion finding documents from different sources.

Automatic costing

Spekfy automatically calculates the cost of the components individually and combined.

Solution transparency

Customers immediately see the list and the cost of work and have the opportunity of commenting or asking questions immediately "on the spot".

Mind map

Mind map gives an overview of the project as a whole and in parts. It shows the cost of any component in detail.



Many people use Bitbucket to store and manage the code. When you define some activity in Spekfy it will be automatically transferred to Bitbucket and then programmer convert the vistion to code!


Different people use different ways of communication: email, Skype and so on. Many users prefer slack because of its convenience. Get instant notifications right on your channel, forward questions to team..


After defining features and their details, the next step is implementation. Trello is one of the most popular services for managing project execution. Instead of being manually transferred from excel/ word, the tasks defined in Spekfy are automatically forwarded to Trello.

Using Zappier a lot of services can be integrated with Spekfy - Asana, Wrike, Google Docs, Facebook, Xero, Stripe, Salesforce, Zendesk.


Order of work & payment

Payments that are based on performance for partially completed work can now be scheduled and planned to define the stage cost. Work performed is associated to the client's business processes so they can accept the stage. This is useful when it is necessary to coordinate the client's business with work execution.

To do this, the entire work is divided into milestones, the scope is entered, and it is determined what is done at each stage. As a result, we get the tables:

  • list of stages, time and cost of the stage
  • list of tasks / features for each stage


Changes to requirements often arise with the design or client's needs. Spekfy helps the team define feature additions,functionality changes, additional details, and the level of effort it will take, how much more it will cost and so on.

In the past, you would send an email, converse with Skype, or use other Application's tool. Then you would have to move the details to the document or correct the task / requirement. This increases the effort. After a while, it can be easy to forget why you used this approach. Sometimes, the answer does not come immediately, and even more questions and answers filter in. It can easily lead to team confusion.

Spekfy solves this problem: by allowing users to ask a question and work towards the answer immediately at the place of origin.


During the Define phase, client's often send screenshots, sketches,creative files and even supporting artifacts. These files can now be stored in conjunction with the subject matter with the use of Search.

Spekfy stores files together with the subject of discussion and allows to search for required information.


When you need to print and sign a contract or print specifications you now will be able to collect/ copy features or requirements into a Word document.

Spekfy allows you to quickly collect all the requirements entered in the specification and send the document for review / signing.


  • Free
  • 2 Active projects
  • 5 Project members
  • Export / Import data
  • Discussions
  • 120 MiB storage for project files
  • Zapier integration *
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  • Professional
  • $9 / month
  • 8 Active projects
  • 10 Project members
  • Export / Import data
  • Discussions
  • 10 GiB storage for project files
  • Generate Software Requirement specification (SRS)
  • Budget tracking *
  • Task Management *
  • Zapier integration *
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  • Corporate
  • $97 / month
  • 50 Active projects
  • 150 Project members
  • Export / Import data
  • Discussions
  • 50 GiB storage for project files
  • Generate Software Requirement specification (SRS)
  • Budget tracking *
  • Task Management *
  • Dynamic timeline (Gantt Chart) *
  • SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On *
  • Priority support
  • Zapier integration *
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