Project Manager

Get a project's overview from a global perspective for each small detail. Break-down complex tasks into smaller pieces.

Business Analyst

Collect project data, ideas, discussions, requirements, and scenarios. Spekfy helps to deeply understand your client's needs.


Quickly determine required tasks and estimate cost & time. Ground the price to client.


Cost & hours calculations

Cost & hours estimation for tasks, by milestones.

File management

Store all files (sketches, wireframes, pictures & documents) in one place.



Collect the questions & answers about the project, requirements or tasks with team members or client stakeholders.

Software Requirements Specification

Generate Software Requirements Specification right on the place!


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  • Free
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  • 2 Project members for free
  • Export / Import data
  • Discussions
  • 120 MiB storage for project files
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  • Professional
  • $38 / month
  • 8 Active projects
  • 6 Project members for free
  • $4 / month for additional project member
  • Export / Import data
  • Discussions
  • 10 GiB storage for project files
  • Generate Software Requirement specification (SRS)
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